zaterdag 6 april 2013

Reveal Day for April kits from 'My Creative Scrapbook'

Reveal Day for April kits from 'My Creative Scrapbook'

It's that time of the month again!! Reveal day, at My Creative Scrapbook I'll start with the LE kit.
this month.....I was so 'WOWED' when I opened this kit! Brand new Prima collections Divine from this past winter CHA!!
soooo Gorgeous papers and blooms Love it !!Pam has teamed all those Kit's ,and let you seelot’s of tutorial’s made for My Creative Scrapbook soon also on the Blog to

pink and white flower plumes tutorial
known by its longer name, the Liatris spicata ,it's in real  a beautiful cut flower it  stand's beautiful in the garden or in the vase. and that's the same look like of my inspire of this plums pink color flower.

so I would like to use these photos show you the step by step tutorial pictures
how to made those.

 And picture of my son-flower

 And here a picture of my cute's boy there he was 5 years I have again used this picture because I this is my Favorited photo

 And made with the same Kit a wall-Hanger

 And here the Stunning Kit
 The Main kit for April was equally beautiful!! So many beautiful papers from Crate Maggie Holmes and adore the gorgeous Prima felt pink flower's

 Here some spring design's I hope this help that's soon getting better ..I miss the warmer weather that I can sit outside in my garden

  Here a  litlle  tutorial Egg's
This deco branch stand  in my living room and I will tell you
How I made this .
it's so simple you need a little balloon .

 1 * cut some 6 strip's

 2* And do the first strip around the ballon

3* cross the strip over the other and so you getting forder when it ready

 finished with a flower there on top of the egg.last let your balloon deflate... rope on  and in the tree!

 I had made a cute glass jar , with a little bird what came out they nest

And this is the awesome Main KIT

I just wanted say I am sorry I haven't been visiting as many of your blogs as usual, working so much is really taking its toll on , my  internet surfing time!!! at that moment .but I am glad it getting now eassier,and now more time.

You can see the full reveal of all the kits here at My Creative Scrapbook. 
 Thank you for visiting me today!
Have a amazing day ;-)!


12 opmerkingen:

  1. He carla, je bent wel druk geweest zeg! Prachtig allemaal, zitten zulke mooie layouts bij! De kit is mooi, als ik niet al bij sraps of darkness zat....
    Ik zit alleen zo met de wachttijden van de kits, duurt eeuwig bij die strenge Zwitsers hier. Leuk idee met die balonnetjes, erg creatief ben je.Fijn weekend!

  2. Wowwwwwwwwwwwww!! You are just amazing!! WOW WOW WOW!! These are all sooooooooooooo gorgeous!!

  3. Wooow wat heb jij prachtig layout,s van de kits gemaakt en ook ander dingen zijn heel mooi!!!

    groetjes mams

  4. Carla I just loved every project. I kept saying "this one is my fave".. then I would see the next one. I love all the vintage elements and all your flowers and layers. Each is so unique and beautiful.. just like you my friend.

  5. Stunning work, my friend! Your style is amazing and I enjoyed every detail! xoxox Emmy

  6. Carla, these are exceptional creations .... all so beautiful, and so much amazing detail. I love how you worked with this kit this month. I cannot wait for next month!!

  7. Carla! You are so very talented! Thank you for sharing these beautiful projects with us, and for letting us know how you made them, too!

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  9. Carla you did so much work this month & it is all so beautiful! Well done!! MCS kits are the best!!!

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