maandag 30 september 2013

Yeahhhh DRUMROLLE I'm on the Team At Scrap Around The world

Sooooo excited & honoured to announce ...recently been invited by Helen And I say yesssss
 now a new challenge at a new team soooo happy I am now Art Journaller / ambassadeur.I can hardly believe it yea but it's so.

Scrapbooking are my passion to then came Mixed Media & now I am EVEN MORE in love..Art Journalling provides me with the freedom to express my inner voice

So I deeply love to inspire you at Scrap Around The World .

And love to work with new Team Ambassadors coming months Sooo looking forward
The team are so talented  :

Riikk Kovasin Of Finland

Di Garling of Australia

Kim Edwins Australia

And ME Carla Marchee


Here is my inspiring you with a DOUBLE-PAGE SPREAD ..Helen
owner/Sponsor Co-ordinator/Team Lead & South African Ambassador.
Ask me to made first sample
 This was September Mood Board

Thank you for your visite
hugs Carla

dinsdag 24 september 2013

You 're my adventure

Hey there
I did share a fast post  with you
 Another design ,I did fun play with
my mixed media stuf love it soooo,

Thank you for your visite

Hugs Carla

maandag 23 september 2013


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donderdag 19 september 2013

My Sunshine

Hey there blog friend I wanted to share you my nexst art creations.

This are my inspire.

This loved design what I have made for my sweet Sunshine.
  I had so much fun and now also my fave at this moment.
 I did do many sprayed and stamped, painted ,to create this

I will tell what i have done with this background

 Started out by painting with gesso my design paper than autumne various colors and just a mask and stamp with paint in the middle

I spread a layer molding paste in  the heart for create sunflower.

And using Dylusions brown

Now around the heart for bit more texture paint just molding paste

I rubbed a bit of yellow and orange and Red

paint over the raised areas to highlight. I really love how it came out.

I embellished with some flowers and more what I love that's have been coordinated the fall




I hope you've enjoyed my creations.
I am so curious how you find this design .
Thank you for your visite and stopping by

Hugs Carla

zondag 15 september 2013

Beautiful Day //flower tutorial

Good evening scrappers friends!
I am back !!!
Lately, I did have not so much design, was equally with others things busy .So my husband is for me a made a bigger scraproom remodeling I am so happy with this yea .
So I get more space , fortunately it's almost ready
But well I did packed luckily my scraps stuf and today I bring to you a tutorial how to make your own paper flowers,on this layout.
I found so wonderful and super fun to show this, love so to do inspire you.


 Materials: See picture

Step 1 Punch 3 Large blooms out with your flower punch

Than with ,handmade recipe texture Molding paste

1/2 cup Baking Soda

2 Tablespoons white school glue

1-2 Tablespoons White Acrylic Paint

And brown paint :Here You can found how I did this { blog from Gabrielle pollacco}

I had this on the flower lubricated for a rough solid effect, than dry this with the heatgun

Step 2

Make It: with the wire brush the tops of the flower for a rough hand flower petals, so for a great old painted look,

 So it's look like

I did formed the flower of the petals with my stylis

Then turn the flower than to and busy with the stylis in the middle to bottom

Step 3

Now the nexst flower with scissors I sliced this flower petal four times stopping near the end then lightly curled each petal

Step 4

And pressure with the styles in the Middle down, so that the pentals come to high



Step 5
The nexst one :
I sliced each petal one times

Step 6
Curled each petal to within to the end

Step 7
Using Glue: I attached the flowers together


Step 8

Folding the petals in the middle upward and glue this ,to give the flower more dimension .

I hope you've enjoyed my creations and tutorial.
I am so curious how you find this design .
Thank you for your visite and stopping by

Hugs Carla

dinsdag 10 september 2013

In Opdracht

Wil je een persoonlijk origineel cadeau?: er is ook de mogelijkheid om op bestelling te maken, alles is mogelijk! Heb je misschien bijzondere wensen zoals een bep. materiaal, kleur, grootte, een persoonlijke foto of tekst, ik kan het voor je maken!
Van tevoren maken we dan een prijsafspraak.

Je kan mijn mailen :

Kleine impressie zo wat ik maak onder anderen:
Voor meer idee├źn : mijn volgende Blog

Video van een album wat ik gemaakt had

Spijkerstof  Album
Geheel te zien HIER KLIKKEN

Vintage Album
Hier te ZIEN

Voor meer graag HIER

ART Journaal Album

LAYOUT + CANVAS met foto's

vrijdag 6 september 2013

My Art Blessing

Hi blog friends
It was a long time , that I has placed some scrappy work ,That comes I had vacation.
  Done a lot of day trips we did so enjoyed.
And now here are the children back to school last Monday and then I had also  turn to working again.
What I want to share with you is my art book, I have just here an old book, and used different techniques .

had an old book purchased it had to be a hardcover books are to good to work with. It had to be solid I had this purchased from a thrift stores.

I had my blessing's decide on a theme. This find also very artistic endeavor to make what I like to.

what did I on the cover
I just gesso and this surfaces over de cover and I did glue pages together in groups. for instance.

The book has many page's I glue together as 10 groups for sturdier.
I Just many different techniques.


I am so curious how you find this design .
Thank you for your visite and stopping by

Hugs Carla

 hugs Carla