zondag 15 september 2013

Beautiful Day //flower tutorial

Good evening scrappers friends!
I am back !!!
Lately, I did have not so much design, was equally with others things busy .So my husband is for me a made a bigger scraproom remodeling I am so happy with this yea .
So I get more space , fortunately it's almost ready
But well I did packed luckily my scraps stuf and today I bring to you a tutorial how to make your own paper flowers,on this layout.
I found so wonderful and super fun to show this, love so to do inspire you.


 Materials: See picture

Step 1 Punch 3 Large blooms out with your flower punch

Than with ,handmade recipe texture Molding paste

1/2 cup Baking Soda

2 Tablespoons white school glue

1-2 Tablespoons White Acrylic Paint

And brown paint :Here You can found how I did this { blog from Gabrielle pollacco}

I had this on the flower lubricated for a rough solid effect, than dry this with the heatgun

Step 2

Make It: with the wire brush the tops of the flower for a rough hand flower petals, so for a great old painted look,

 So it's look like

I did formed the flower of the petals with my stylis

Then turn the flower than to and busy with the stylis in the middle to bottom

Step 3

Now the nexst flower with scissors I sliced this flower petal four times stopping near the end then lightly curled each petal

Step 4

And pressure with the styles in the Middle down, so that the pentals come to high



Step 5
The nexst one :
I sliced each petal one times

Step 6
Curled each petal to within to the end

Step 7
Using Glue: I attached the flowers together


Step 8

Folding the petals in the middle upward and glue this ,to give the flower more dimension .

I hope you've enjoyed my creations and tutorial.
I am so curious how you find this design .
Thank you for your visite and stopping by

Hugs Carla

14 opmerkingen:

  1. Yay for you getting a bigger scrap space....good on your hubby!!! And I LOOOVE this one...the little bird close to the photo....that is soooo cute:):):) Gorgeous handcrafted blooms, too:):):)

  2. I love the background and the opening for the window photo. Looks like a handkerchief behind the window. Very nice.

  3. This is GORGEOUS!! I love love love the colors, the layers and those flowers!! And YAYYYYYYYY for new scrappy space!!!!

  4. Wat ziet dat super mooi uit de kleuren
    zijn zo mooi bij elkaar!1
    groetjes Mams

  5. I LOVE your design and how you made the flowers! This is such a fabulous layout.

  6. Heerlijk een nieuwe grote scraproom krijgen, je boft maar met zo'n man!
    Prachtig je layout met dat huisje, leuk gevonden!
    Dank je voor detutorial ik hou er ook van om steeds weer andere bloemen uit te proberen.
    Fijne week
    Lieve groet Maia

  7. Thank you for the great tutorial Carla, your layout is just fabulous!!!!!!

  8. He Carla, super lo! En die bloem is mooi! Ik hoop dat ik deze winter eens tijd heb weer zelf bloemen te maken, veel leuker als kopen.
    Dan ga ik hem zeker uit proberen!

  9. I hope you'll share your new space with us, would love to 'see'. Adore your tutorial and those flowers look amazing and unique. Beautiful layout!!!

  10. Oh how wonderful to get a new scrappy space!! What a gorgeous page for this sweet photo!! Thanks for sharing your flower tutorial - they are just amazing!! Thanks for your warm congratulations on my making the Helmar DT! ~ Blessings, Tracey

    Garden of Grace

  11. Beautiful layout and flower! Fabulous tutorial, I will try it..TFS!!! Can't wait to see your new space. Take care my friend!!xoxo

  12. Thank you for sharing! Beautiful flowers and such a lovely layout!! Now we need a tour of your scrap space :)))) Lucky you!!!